About Program

This program targets the segments of startups with sound customer base and revenue in hand but not enough market visibility. With a team built successfully, this program will categorically help the startups to earn the market exposure on a wider scale & seek different channels to market their products. This will help in improving the success rate of their innovative products. The quality mentorship by the adept professionals of the industry would help them in acing different verticals of the market so that their venture lives up to its potential and does not fail in the long run. This is the stage where our support would take their back.

Services We Offer

service-image Mentorship
service-image Access to N/w of Investors
service-image Lab Access
service-image Access to Conference Hall
service-image Co-Working Space
service-image Training
service-image Access to Events
service-image Legal & Finance Support
service-image Intern Support
service-image Platform to Seek Partners
service-image Intellectual Property Rights
service-image Technical Assistance