Service We Offer

whoweare-image   Co-Working Space

A comfortable and dedicated working space is said to have a visible impact on the performance of the workers. At AIC-RNTU, we give splashy office space to the startups for their exclusive use.

whoweare-image   Mentorship

We provide a pool of experts who shall mentor the incubates and guide them with their experience. Our domain-specific and generic network of mentors would acknowledge the challenges faced by the incubates and give them advice in their fields of expertise.

whoweare-image   Trainings & Workshops

We conduct different workshops and events to educate the incubates wherein experts provide valuable insights on subjects concerning the development of a startup. We organize both domain-specific and general training sessions to enhance the knowledge of the incubates.

whoweare-image   Access To Labs

Our incubation centre houses several labs which are important for the startup units. Some of them are FAB lab, Rapid Prototyping lab, IoT lab, and shared resources lab.

whoweare-image   Funding

For an idea to take wings and materialize, money is the crucial resource. We have several funding options available (seed funding, etc), and a pool of investors to our disposal which shall pave the way for the startups to blossom through all the stages of development.

whoweare-image Legal & Accounting Support

The sound legal and accounting advice plays an important role in the smooth running of the business. We would be providing the incubates with the necessary legal & accounting support for their seamless development.

whoweare-image Access To Network & Events

It is imperative to build healthy relationships with the like-minded people in order to learn and refine your perspective. We provide opportunities for the startups to network with the top minds of their industry and get the knack of the real-time business operations from their experiences.

whoweare-image Intellectual Property Rights

It is essential to protect your creation in the growing trend of piracy. We, thus, take care of providing you with the intellectual & property rights to safeguard your startup.

whoweare-image HR/Intern Support

As the business flourishes, so it demands more workforce. Thus, we provide the necessary Intern /HR support to fulfill the requirements of human resource.

whoweare-image Company Registration

We will provide assistance and guidance for the registration of the startups.

whoweare-image Technical Assistance

At our incubation centre, the incubates will have access to high-speed internet. We will also provide them with guidance for the domain registration and the hosting space.