i4 LAB
(Innovation Integration Incubation & Implementation)

3D Printer

Quickly turn your ideas and concepts into 3D models or prototypes with 3D Printing. This can aid visualisation, design and development of the manufacturing process ahead of mass production. 3D Printing is an inexpensive process to validate the concepts during the product development phase.

Supported Materials –

Fractal Works Julia Pro (FDM Technology):
Roland MonoFab ARM-10 (Digital Light Processing Technology): Photopolymer Resin

CNC Laser Cutting

This machine are used for engraving and cutting on wooden material, acrylic and other soft materials.

CNC Routing

Any mechanical 2D & 3D 3 axis design can be easily developed and manufactured using the CNC Router machine. The machine finds application in machining, wood working, plastic cutting, acp routing, creating Forms and Molds, etc.

Supported Materials –

Supported Materials –
Acrylic, Wood, ACP, Brass, Aluminum, Foam board, MDF, etc.

Desktop CNC & PCB Fabrication

Users can produce fully functioning Printed Cricuit Boards (PCB) quickly and easily by drilling, engraving and routing through this machine. Also, for users looking for advanced milling capabilities without the need for expert operating skills, this is one of the easiest and most precise CNC mills in its class.

Supported Materials –

Modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS and PC board

3D Scanning

This 3D Scanner can scan real objects for 3D printing. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it portable and easy to use for larger objects. It can produce portable as well as high-accuracy scans. The Sense 3D scanner includes the Sense software to rapidly edit your 3D scan data, solidify for immediate 3D printing and save data out to four industry-standard file formats for downstream uses.

Vinyl Cutting

It is used to make signs, banners and advertisements. Advertisements seen on automobiles and vans are often made with vinyl cut letters. Computer designed vector files with patterns and letters are directly cut on the roll of vinyl which is mounted and fed into the vinyl cutter.

Advance Electronics & Testing

The setup consists of ESD Workstation, Soldering Station, Table Top Multimeter, Digital Oscilloscope 100mhz, Power Supply and Function Generator. The setup is useful for anyone who is looking to work on any project/startup idea which includes Electronics Assembly Unit, Soldering Rework Station, Embedded Development Boards (e.g. Arduino, Rpi, Intel boards, etc), Embedded & IoT Sensors etc.

Wood Working & Power Tools

To support the innovators and startups fabricate their prototype with best convenience and precision, various wood working tools, hand tools and power tools are also available. The equipment include Metal Grinding and Cutting Tool, Bosch Tooling Set, Drill Set, Bench Drill, Chisel Set, Saw Unit (Table Saw, Miter Saw, Scroll Saw, Circular Saw, JIG Saw), etc.

Designing and Simulation

To support the startups through software solutions that can be used to bring their ideas to life, we have partnered with some of the leading companies of the domain. While some of the software are available directly through the premises, some are offering best possible solutions at the best rates to the budding entrepreneurs.