Shared Resources

centre of excellence for renewable energy_logo

With the prime motive of developing the technology of renewable energy, this centre of excellence has been established to facilitate research projects, innovative work, and experiments in the field of renewable energy. In order to create awareness on Energy conservation and Green Campus, several facilities for skill development in renewable energy are provided.

center of excellence for IoT & advanced computing _logo

This centre of excellence has been set up to build industry capable talent, start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem for loT. A well-equipped IoT lab has been installed to create innovative applications and domain capability across verticals for the country's needs such as Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture, etc. On similar lines, several technologies such as cloud computing, etc are supported and exploited to let the entrepreneurship thrive in the respective fields.

center of excellence for Advanced Material Research _logo

Material Science is one of the signature thrust area of research at RNTU. For the execution of research in this area, RNTU Advanced Material Research Lab has been established. The Lab is well equipped with several modern instruments for the synthesis of materials. The lab also explores new chemical frontiers in the life sciences, physical sciences, materials, environmental sciences, and agricultural sciences through visionary research, innovation, and collaboration.

center of excellence for Agriculture Research_logo

Agriculture Research Complex (ARC ) has been established in 8-acre farmland. This centre is the key platform behind coordination, guidance, and management of research education in the Agriculture sector. Through on-going projects and various publications, it facilitates a skill upgradation program and extension activities to imbibe the right knowledge on different aspects of agriculture.

Tagore international center art & culture_logo

It is an interdisciplinary study and research centre for Arts, Literature, and Culture. The Centre is actively involved in organizing & conducting research activities, workshops, conferences, literary discourses, Film, and audio developments. The center also undertakes publication and digitalization.

center of excellence for water and environmental science_logo

This Research Centre carries out research in the field of dynamics of the earth. The research activities in this centre attempt to solve the mystery of Earth & Space Sciences by generating valuable scientific reports of natural disasters and their predictions. Such early warning can certainly help in a big way in mitigation, restoration, reconstruction, and other relief measure activities. This activity covers the entire CESS gamut of Earth & Space Sciences and it also includes state disaster management preparedness activities. Centre for Earth & Space Sciences has all the resources to carry out research in the area of natural disasters which have mainly occurred in the central region of Asia. Natural disasters like Earthquake, Flood, Drought, Industrial Hazards and many more which cause great damage or loss of life come within the sphere of monitoring and warning plan of CESS. Early warning detection system through an interface between CESS academic, industry, and the society is accomplished here.


The core ideology of this centre is to conduct interdisciplinary research, leading to development in the field of environmental science, and impart the knowledge pertaining to the field in an appropriate manner, in order to create an educational space for students to seek guidance and training. Taking up issues related to water, health, energy, and food production, to carry out substantial development practices and to make scope for positive change.